Firdaus :Stop Harrasment of Muslim Sisters

Muslim Sisters

The disdain with which Muslim Sisters are treated in this country got northwards  at the most recent call to bar, when our sister Firdaus Amasa was refused entry into the venue. The reason for this refusal was the hijab covering her head. Al-Mu’minaat like other peace-loving Nigerians  sees this as an affront on the Muslims citizenship of Nigeria and their rights as enshrined in the Nigerian Constitution.

We thus condemn this action and demand that Amasa Firdaus be immediately called to bar. Amasa Firdaus, the heroine, has sacrificed for all Muslim Sisters to be given their constitutional rights especially as regards call to bar in their Hijab.

The legal profession and call to bar ceremonies in other climes, gives recognition to Hijab.  Thus, we demand that the Council For Legal Education in Nigeria and all other legal bodies respect our right to religious beliefs and expression and henceforth stop any harassment of Muslim sister in Hijab in the law school and at their graduation and call to bar. All over the world, the hijab has been recognized as the code of dress for a Muslim female. Why must the bodies hitherto responsible for defending the law be flouting it?

The hijab is a sacred and core part of the religion of Islam, and it is a sacrosanct part of the life of a Muslim woman. It has been ordained upon a Muslim woman by Allah (SWT), the law giver, as a symbol of dignity, honour, respect, prestige as well as a right, form of worship and obedience to the almighty Allah. Allah commands the prophet (and the generality of Muslims) in the holy Quran as regards the Hijab in Quran chapter 33 verse 59, where Allah says;

            ‘O Prophet! Tell your wives and your daughters and wives of the believers that they

should draw over themselves some of their outer garments (when in public) so as to

be recognized and not disrespected. God is most forgiving and most merciful.’

The above verse of the Quran emphasizes and buttresses the fact that hijab is a non- negotiable command from Allah to the Muslim women and a part of their Islam.

Nigeria is recognized as a multi-religious, multi-cultural nation so why must a particular religion, Islam be treated with disdain everytime?

We are proud to be associated with sister Amasa Firdaus as she has stood for what Islam stands for : peace, truth , justice and fairness. We use this medium to call on the Nigerian government to make a proclamation against the harassment of Muslim sisters  in Nigeria in all spheres of life and endeavour; the National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) , foreign embassies; British and American, passport office, or at any form of data capturing.

We implore all Muslims to remain calm and not resort to violence. For violence breeds no good. Yet, we demand that Firdaus Amasa be called to bar and such harassment be stopped forthwith.

 Injury to one is injury to all.

Nimatullah Abdul Quadri,

Al-Mu’minaat National Headquarters


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