About Us

Non- profit female muslim organisation. We are interested in propagating pristine islam. assisting the community to improve the status of women generally through different empowerment programmes and provision of health education and religious knowledge etc

To empower Muslim women & build a strong Muslim community through education and welfare projects for self actualisation & sustainable national.

Al- Mu’minaat (The Believing Women) Organisation is a non-Governmental body established in the year Nineteen Ninety-Five (1995) with the following Aims and Objectives:

***Aims and Objectives***
* To disseminate undistorted knowledge of Islam among women folk.
* To provide education that takes care of the need and mission of Muslim women.
* To encourage the teachings and learning of the Quran.
* To promote Arabic as the language of Islam.
* To provide a common front fro Muslim women.
* To structure the family life in conformity with the provisions of the sharia.
* To safe guard and promote Islamic cultural heritage.

*** Organisational Structures ***
*Local Government

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