One Death Too Many !


We demand for Justice and Freedom;  killings, abductions must stop.

First, Saifura now Hauwa, both aid workers killed by the criminals called Boko Haram. Yes Government has been making tremendous effort to quell the menace of insecurity Nationwide, yet these recent killings are terrible blows to us as a people and a government. Families, Social workers and indeed all well-meaning people the world over have been thrown into sadness.

We demand for an end to all these killings. The government should do the needful to arrest the situation and rescue all those still in the net of Boko Haram and such criminal gangs.

Leah Shaibu must not be allowed to die nor continue to be held hostage any longer. We demand for her rescue and safe return to her family. After all , the primary duty of Government is to ensure security of lives and properties.

The world woke up to the news of the disappearance of a columnist with The Washington Post , Jamal Khashoggi on October 2nd in Saudi Consulate in Istanbul. Preliminary investigations are pointing to possible murder. This is a pointer to the fact that we are increasingly abhorrent to criticism of any sort. Jamal was an  activist / Journalist of Saudi descent who resides in The US, his criticism of the heir-apparent to the Saudi throne and fear of unjust persecution led him to the US.

He was still being hunted until he had some paperwork to do at his home consulate in Istanbul Turkey on the day he ‘disappeared’. This is indeed alarming to say the least.

We demand that the world must get to the root of his disappearance. Individuals and organisations involved in the crime must face the full wrath of the law.

The Social Advocacy Project SAP, condemns these dastardly acts in entirety. They are ungodly and a threat to a peacefully free world.

The UN has a major role to ensure that nobody goes scot-free once it has been duly proven beyond doubt. Potential criminals will only be dettered if crimes continue to be heavily punished. Our heart goes out to the bereaved families home and abroad.  


Sherifah Yusuf-Ajibade (Mrs.)

Coordinator, Social Advocacy Project (SAP)


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